Super Easy Orange Vinegar Surface Spray



This is really easy to make and makes an effective, chemical free, environmentally friendly spray which can be used for cleaning surfaces and bathrooms.

All you need is oranges, a peeler, white vinegar and a jar.

It’s three simple steps:
1. Peel the orange and place the peel in the jar.
2. Add vinegar to the jar and place the lid on.
3. Leave the jar for approximate 4 week’s to cure and your spray is ready to use.

If you are trying to clean something that needs a bit more work, just sprinkle some bi carb down first. It will smell strong at first but this will clear soon.

I started using this when I found I was coughing a lot after cleaning the bathroom and best thing is I don’t have to worry about my little toddler helper being exposed to nasty chemicals.

I like to make this when I am making cordial. Waste not! Lol.


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